Importance of Detailing

Every time you change your oil, rotate your tires or have any other service performed, you are maintaining your
investment. Detailing your vehicle is no less of importance than up-keeping your vehicle through any other means.
Not only does it feel good to be a nice clean vehicle, there are many more reasons why it's important.

  • Restores & Protects Paint & Clear Coat from surface contaminates, paint oxidization and even rock chips.
  • Protects interior/exterior surfaces such as trim, dash & all other rubber, plastic, vinyl & leather surfaces from UV rays . (This is what cause the cracks in dashes)
  • Spot Stain Removal and a professional interior detail - Eliminates odors, fungus & dust, which can be harmful to your respiratory system
  • After a professional interior detail, cars stay cleaner, longer. There is more resistance to tossing trash on the floor boards or back seat and you will be conscience of bringing in new dirt from your feet, luggage, personal items etc.
  • When your vehicle is detailed it may be old, but it looks new (minus any dents or rips) and raises the resale value of the vehicle.

Why Choose Pristine Clean Mobile Details?

As an 8 yr military vet. I know what detail oriented is and that’s exactly the service we provide… a very detail oriented detail!! I truly believe, the service we provide supersedes any of our competitors services, yet we provide our service at a much more affordable rate (an average of about 20% less)! How can we do this? Its not that hard, we have it down to a science, I have studied every completed detail we have done. I have strived to put each step of the process where it needs to be, to make the whole process go as quickly and efficiently as possible, without degrading quality the slightest bit. We are honest, reliable and never cut corners! We strive to for excellence and to make you 100% satisfied, after all your satisfaction is what makes our success!!


Q: What is a clay (bar) wash?

A: A clay bar wash  is, after the wash, before the wax. It is a clay bar that is rubbed over the vehicle with a lubricant. It pulls impurities out of the paint (much like tweezers and a splinter), your vehicle will feel like glass!!

Q: Do you shampoo?

A: Yes, BUT .... not in the traditional sense. We do clean the upholstery. With our details we use spray a stain removal cleaning agent and agitate the surface with a power brush that spins at 4500RPM's. A shampooer injects the cleaner (so does a sprayer) the head of the shampooer has a rotating brush that spins between 800 - 1200rpms (we use a power brush) Essentially the cleaning action BOTH of them provide is IDENTICAL. Our method is dry to the touch within 10 to 20 minutes. Shampooing gets the surface myuch wetter than desired, but you cant agitate below the surface. Therefore the unnesecary amount of cleaner being used typically takes about 3 to 4 hrs to dry and thus it carries a high risk of mold growth. 

Q: What areas do you  service?

A: We will serve anyone with in 25 miles of Kingsland TX. As well as Lampasas,  Liberty Hill, Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock and Georgetown. We do service further areas although a trip charge MAY be added and or a 2 or 3 car minimum may be required, depending on location.n.

Q: Do you detail motor-homes/RV”s & Boats!

A: If it can be washed and detailed, we do it! Including planes!

Q: I have heard headlight restoration doesn't last. Does yours last? 

A: The answer depends on your commitment to continue to preserve. Headlights should be cleaned regularly and even waxed just as the paint. Headlight assemblies, when molded in the factories, contain UV quality that is lost over time. Wax is a uv protectant. When they are restored back to an acceptable state, they should be waxed to prevent further clouding. It literally takes 2 minutes to wax headlights. It does take the right equipment, expertise and about 20minutes to 45 minutes (some a little longer) depending on how neglected they are.